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paper_planes09 wrote in latenightwjimmy
okay is it just me or is jimmy fallon trying to get the whole current snl cast to appear on his show?
so far as guests he has had bill hader, andy samberg, kristen wiig, will forte, jason sudeikis (tomorrow) and i think maybe other cameos.
did i leave any out?

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LOL, pretty much! Fred Armisen and Casey Wilson have also been on in cameos. Oh well, I kind of like it. The interviews are so much better when they're people he's comfortable with.

yeah i know. they are funny. and i love fallon's little boy laugh.

Well let's see. Both shows are on NBC. Both shows are produced by Lorne Michaels. The SNL studio is literally one or two floors above Jimmy's. So...I don't exactly think it is a conspiracy or any sort of plan, necessarily..

i know!!! i love that he is doing it though!

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